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Being self-employed and with the tightening of mortgage criteria post crunch you need to obtain specialist independent advice. We regularly receive enquiries from individuals who have been experiencing difficulties obtaining a mortgage for their home.

Our sister company Independent James' impartial advice and access to the whole of the market and many exclusive products, means that you can be sure your mortgage is the right mortgage for you.

We work alongside your accountant to ensure your income is conducive to you being able to obtain a competitive mortgage. We have access to lenders who take differing views of how to underwrite self-employed individuals.

"As self-employed, first-time buyers we were really apprehensive about getting onto the property ladder. Independent James was recommended through a friend and couldn't have been more helpful."

Mr R. Mackney, Journalist, London

Sole trader? Some lenders will look at operating profits, your latest year, or an average of 2 years or 3 years. We can help choose the right lender for you.

Limited Company? We have obtained mortgages for a number of individuals with only 1 year's full accounts. Again, there are differences in underwriting here; some lenders only accept your salary and dividends, some your share of operating profit and some may accept a combination of the above.

We work alongside a number of Accountants who are very supportive of our hands-on approach and of Offset Mortgages as a tax-planning tool. For those savings set aside for a tax bill, offsets can fulfil your requirements perfectly.

Upon obtaining the best mortgage possible for you (utilising the latest independent research technology), we would also address the importance of the need for appropriate and effective Protection.

Regardless of your situation, we will do our utmost to provide the best advice for you. Contact Us for a free initial consultation.


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