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Arranging a Private Medical Insurance (PMI) plan for you and your employees can improve and give you more control over absence management, employee retention and engagement in healthy activities. PMI is the second most highly rated employee benefit after a Pension.

Not only that, what would be the cost to your business if one of your key staff fell seriously ill? Could your business afford to wait whilst they are waiting for NHS treatment? There are steps you can take which could dramatically reduce the financial impact on your business if a member of staff is ill and unable to work.

In its purest form PMI facilitates private health care for you and your employees in the event of medical attention being required. This allows them to obtain treatment promptly, conveniently and allows access to advanced treatment options.

"Knowing we have access to quality care is reassuring and comforting."

C. Brown, Director, Stray Car Communications, Berkshire

The effect of this is to keep days lost due to illness to a minimum through faster treatment, whilst also providing your employees peace-of-mind that they can receive treatment when they need it.

Company Wills can help you provide a benefit that's highly valued by existing and potential staff alike, boosting commitment and loyalty. As well as the core cover and services you would expect from a private medical policy, many insurers offer customers access to GP and Stress Counseling helplines. A number of insurers also take a preventive viewpoint and help members stay healthy with half-price access to a range of Health and Fitness Club membership, bonuses for the purchase of healthy food and a number of activity discounts. Staff engagement can help you increase profits with a happy and healthy workforce. It's good for your business, and good for staff.

Being independent advisers in this area, we have access to a host of insurers providing a varying range of cover and different types of scheme. You can provide more comprehensive cover for more senior employees and basic cover for new joiners or the wider workforce.

Private Medical cover is claimed against much more frequently than other insurances, improving Absence Management and protecting your company in the process. As many companies have experienced, where one employee's absenteeism issue drags on it can be a real issue which can be helped with access to private care.

Even if you have an existing policy or scheme and simply want this reviewed, we can do so at no additional cost to you. We can assist with claims, renewals and employee changes.

Please do Contact Us for a competitive illustration and to find the right solution for you.


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