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Every business has periods when their operations come under strain; busy periods, staff shortages, holidays or simply having too many types of one particular task. Can you imagine this on an on-going basis if you or one of your key employees were to suffer a prolonged period of ill-health?

Continuity planning insures that in the event of absence of key individuals within your organisation, the impact on the business does not affect your bottom line. Maintaining business relationships, staff morale and turnover can be achieved with simple planning.

"We were provided with comprehensive advice to insure our continuation planning."

Mr J Pallagi, Director, Farmison Ltd

We realise as a busy entrepreneur you will often be 'living on the edge' and concentrating on driving your business forward, not wanting to dwell on negative consequences. You do need to plan for the possibility of one of your strategic or simply vital members of staff being unable to perform their duties.

Could your company keep trading in this eventuality? In smaller companies the effects could be catastrophic. It is not unknown for banks to call in loans and reduce overdrafts in the event of a key employee being unable to work. What effect would the loss of a key influencer, innovator or facilitator have on your commercial contracts? Would these tasks be able to be picked up easily by another staff member? Often this is not the case and it might be difficult and expensive to recruit a replacement.

Timing is the crucial element in continuity planning. When will proceeds be paid to company and on what event? The earlier the better and a more sustainable longer term income stream can also be provided. In the event of the death of a key individual you need an immediate cash injection and this can be inexpensively arranged.

Proper planning, discussion and independent advice is needed. Contact Us to arrange a free initial consultation.


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