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As a business owner we know how hectic you are and having a one stop shop for all your financial services can save you a lot of time. Company Wills can help you with all your Holistic Planning requirements and ensure you receive the right advice at that right time.

With 14 years industry experience, we have built a trusted network of Solicitors, Accountants, Pensions, Savings and Investment advisers; all of whom refer back to us in a trusted business relationship. We can be your conduit for all things financial and have the knowledge to point you in the right direction as a bare minimum.

"James is a great source of expert knowledge to me in dealing with clients on protection matters; for both business and personal clients. In return I have been able to assist some of James's clients meet their investment and pension needs."

R A Elmes, Independent Financial Planner

Like many other industries, financial services is subject to vastly increased regulation and supervision for consumer protection; the Retail Distribution Review being a further nadir in a long line of legislative changes. This has made it increasingly difficult, indeed, virtually impossible, to be a GP of the financial services world. Combined with an increasingly litigious society, I have long believed that specialisation in Independent Financial Advice is the way forward.

Bearing this in mind, I perceived available support across all areas being a vital tool in the box. Being a thorough holistic planner via a network of trusted individuals as opposed to simply saying, "Sorry, I can't help. Goodbye!" Being able to help you along the way towards specific, tailored financial advice from a number of different connections and trusted sources.

By specialising in these areas, the key aim is that it enables you to receive more tailored, specific and high quality independent advice. We can refer you towards trusted contacts in all areas in and around financial services - accountants, solicitors, surveyors, etc. who all fulfil important roles in the process.

Contact Us for assistance in any area of Financial Services and visit the Case Studies section for examples of areas in which Company Wills can provide you with a push in the right direction!


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